The Week's Best, for the week of 7-126-10 to 8-1-10

Keeping this one short because it's 10:40 at night and I have to be up in eight hours, so without further ado...

The Week's Worst Comic Book Winner - Outsiders #31
Dan DiDio is DC Comic's Publisher or Vice-President or whatever, and this is one of (if not the only) book he writes for them. As a writer, Mr. DiDio is a hell of a Publisher or Vice-President or whatever.

The Week's Best Comic Book Winner Runner-Up - Batman: The Widening Gyre #6
Walt Flanagan's art is serviceable, at best, but Kevin Smith rights a better Batman than you'd expect, and the end of this first volume of Widening Gyre resulted in one hell of an "Oh, shit!" moment for me.

The Week's Best Comic Book Winner - X-men: Legacy #238

Now that the big crossover event, what comes next for the X-Men has been awesome so far, with this book narrowly beating the newest issue of Uncanny X-Men to win. It features a classic X-story: it has a cast of characters not focused on often (except for Rogue and Magneto, the other characters featured are Anole, Loa, and Indra) handled by Mike Carey, one of the best writers there is at characterization right now, a mysterious villain, a mysterious victim, and a personal problem that also serves as a parable for the real world... those are the factors that the greatest X-stories are always made up of.