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The Rest of 2012 in Movies

There are only four months left in the year, but that doesn't mean there aren't that many good movies left. Quite the opposite, in fact, considering a lot of the movies the studios hope will score big at the Academy Awards aren't even released until Thanksgiving, at the earliest. So today I thought I'd run through a list of the movies I'm looking forward to as 2012 starts trailing off.

Yeah, can you tell I'm running out of blog ideas and just throwing filler at you yet? I ain't even mad, though.

There are a few good ones in September. I'm looking forward to The Words with Bradley Cooper and Olivia Wilde because it's about a writer and the price he pays for plagiarizing, apparently, so that grabbed my interest. Also, Liberal Arts, written, directed by, and starring Josh Radnor from How I Met Your Mother, because his first film, Happythankyoumoreplease, was brilliant. And also, I'm such a Mosby, and we have to stick together. Then there&#…

Mega Multiplex Movie Marathon

I'm such a whore for alliteration.

Anyway, this past Saturday afternoon, I had plans to see a movie with one of my favorite partners in crime, Kim (who, by the way, is fantastic photographer available for shoots; check out her work at and then hire her. Seriously. Do it.) So after having a great lunch that involved a giant hamburger, a mimosa, a screw driver, and a shot that was really like four shots, plus great company, I met up with her and we went to see Hit and Run at 2:30pm. It was pretty damn funny, and I definitely recommend it. By the way, has anyone else noticed that Dax Shepard and Zach Braff look crazily similar? I thought maybe it was just me while I was watching the movie, but apparently this is a thing:

So, when the movie ended, we proceeded with our plan to find another movie to sneak into, because movies today are too expensive to see just one. I mean, $13.50 per ticket? Come on now.  My first choice for a second movie would have been The Expend…

Fiction Friday - Biggs and Wedge Occult Occurrences: This Ain't a Ghost Story, Part 2

Suicide is Painless

I'm going to do something I pretty much never do on this blog and talk about something seriously for a minute. Suicide has been on mind since Sunday night... no, not committing it, although we'll get to that later... since Tony Scott, a great, talented director (seriously: True Romance, Crimson Tide, Enemy of the State, The Fan, Domino, Man on Fire, and of course, Top Gun... what a resume!), took his own life by jumping off a bridge. The reaction to this event I've seen most, aside from just sadness over a tragic loss of life, is confusion over how someone like a rich, world-famous director could throw it all away like that when he had everything.

Here's the thing. To us, on the outside looking in, sure, he had everything. We look at his life and think it had to be perfect. But we have absolutely no idea what's going on on the inside, what he might have been dealing with... him, or anyone else for that matter. Who knows what goes on behind closed doors? Maybe that&…

Fiction Friday - Biggs and Wedge Occult Occurrences: This Ain't a Ghost Story, Part 1

Here's the seventh installment in this story series, the first of another two-parter. This is definitely the longest I've stuck with a writing project in probably forever, so you know I'm really enjoying it and I hope you are too. The stories are getting a little longer as I get deeper into the mythology and meat of it all; this two-parter in particular marks a turning point into slightly darker subject matter, although as you can see by the first half the fun is still there. Read it and let me know what you think, please!
Biggs and Wedge Occult Occurrences: This Ain’t a Ghost Story, Part 1
“She kissed you? That’s definitely a big deal! Why the hell didn’t you tell me about it before?” I sighed and looked at the shot glass full of Jameson in front of my partner Wedge. I knew he was stalling, but he had a point. It had been a week since Lexy kissed me, and this was the first I had mentioned it to him. I guess all the shots drew it out of me. “I don’t know, buddy,” I said, tilti…