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Fiction Friday - The Legend of Karenina and Her Minions II: The Red-Headed Sea Devil's Special Needs Cow of Vengeance!

Yes, I realize it's technically Sunday, leave me alone. I actually did write this on Friday, but I didn't want to post it until I showed it to the person who gave me the idea first, which I did last night, so you all get it today. It's the sequel to that ridiculous story I posted a few weeks ago, picking up right where that one left off, and I think this one is even more ridiculous... I mean, come on, look at that title! The worst part is, I have an even more ridiculous idea in mind for part three...
Karenina and her minions might have jovially flown off into the sunset, but when Amandilly landed in the ocean scores of miles from shore, she was none too pleased. All she had wanted to do was snack on some minions, and since Karenina had four of them, she thought she could have spared one or two! Instead, she got attacked by a giant, smelly kraken.             That was an unpleasant experience.             Now the first thing on Amandilly’s mind was revenge. Well, okay, that wa…

Goodreads Book Review - Neverwinter

Neverwinter by R.A. Salvatore

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I hate to say it, but I think this is the first time I've ever been disappointed by one of Salvatore's novels. By now we all know his reputation as being the best at writing fight scenes, but I think he falls prey to his own hype here too much; the book is filled with battles to the detriment of any actual character development beyond the obvious and superficial. On a personal note, I suppose I'm not yet used to the new reality the story has moved into, and the things I miss detract from my enjoyment. My other real gripe with the story is that while this is clearly a continuation of Gauntlgrym, for the whole first half of the book, Drizzt's part of the story has nothing to do with the events of that book and actually detract from the continuing story. In many ways, this story belongs to Barrabus the Gray, which I am fine with. To avoid spoilers, I'll say that things heated up for me in chapter fifteen, and the las…

Marvel Takes a Really Awesome Stand

As some people know, I'm a sucker for apocalyptic religious fiction; movies like "The Prophecy" or "Legion" or the fourth and fifth seasons of Supernatural. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that I love Stephen King's epic 823-page masterpiece, The Stand, as well as the equally epic and massive 1994 8-hour mini-series based on it. I swear, it's like that series is shown on Chiller every two weeks or so and I usually find myself watching at least some of it every time it's on. So, when Marvel Comics announced that as part of their ongoing relationship with Stephen King (they've already done multiple different stories around The Dark Tower as well as a really amazing adaptation of N.) I was really excited.

Written from start to finish by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (whose past includes work on Nightcrawler, Sensational Spider-Man, and Fantastic Four; he's also the guy who rewrote the Spidey musical that has become a major success) an…

Fiction Friday - The Legend of Karenina and Her Minions (Working Title)

So while out at the bar last week, I was roped into writing a D&D-type story by two women who know absolutely nothing about D&D. They picked out the characters they wanted for themselves, decided what my character would be, and sent me off to write the story. This is what I came up with it. It's absolutely absurd and entertaining and fun, and I think there might be more adventures like this one to come. Read it and feel free to share your feedback!
            Once upon a time there was a noble knight named Jimothan. He was brave and heroic and a complete sucker for beautiful women… which is how he ran afoul of a mean old witch who had disguised herself as a beautiful woman. The disguised witch had promised Jimothan the world and was good to him, until she got sick of him, turned him into a troll, and cursed him to wander lands near and far until he found a cure.             So that’s what he did. Jimothan the Troll roamed around the world, searching for a way to break the c…

Goodreads Book Review - Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

The Force Unleashed II by Sean Williams

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Honestly, this book was a decent read, although I didn't like the time jumps in the beginning. What really made it lose a few points in my regard is the way some of the more major characters of the Star Wars saga were sort of shoe-horned in unnecessarily, seemingly just for the sake of having them there. Without spoiling anything, I'm also confused about the status of one of the characters at the end of the novel, as said character finds themselves in a situation that just seems wholly unbelievable to me. That being said, the action scenes were engrossing and I enjoyed some of the moral and metaphysical questions the characters faced, and thought it was a good book overall.

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