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Goodreads Book Review - Unholy Night

Unholy Night by Seth Grahame-Smith

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I went into this book shortly after watching the horrendously bad movie version of "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter," so I wasn't expecting very much from something that had anything to do with Seth Grahame-Smith. For the first 100 pages or so, this book was exactly what I feared it would be: completely unengaging, boring nonsense. But then, business picked up. The main character, Balthazar, finally became compelling as the story really started weaving around the Nativity legend we all know. Historical fiction like this one is always tough, but by the end, Grahame-Smith had me hooked by the non-stop pace he eventually settles into and the way he ties everything together. To show you what I mean about the eventual pace he sets, it took me about two and a half weeks to force myself through the first hundred pages or so... and then three days to devour the rest because it was just nonstop and I couldn't put it dow…

Mets Monday - It's That Time of Year Again

No, it's not THAT time of year again, meaning one of the three big holidays: Christmas, Halloween, and my birthday (trust me, if you're around the week of my birthday, you know it's a holiday). It is, however, that time of year that every Mets fan dreads from the beginning of the season... hell, from the beginning of Spring Training, even. It comes at different times every year; for a few seasons there, it didn't come until the last game of the season. Recently, it's come earlier, like in August, or in this case, July. Yes, Mets fans, it's that time: the time when we know the season is, for all intents and purposes, over.

Of course, mathematically, nothing is over, but let's look at a few things. This is a team that has lost thirteen out of sixteen games since the All-Star Break. A team that has dropped to four games under .500, 12.5 games out of first place in their division, and 8.5 games out of the wild card race. A team that has lost two of its starting…

Fiction Friday - Biggs and Wedge Occult Occurrences: The First Case Part 1: A Medium's Tale

Big Pimpin'

So, I've noticed lately that a lot of my friends have blogs/websites/projects/causes/whatever that they're trying to spread the word about. I thought to myself, why not gather a bunch of these links together in a blog post and help get some stuff out there for some of my favorite people? So here I am, pimping other peoples' stuff out because, well, they're all awesome people who deserve success.

And before I get into everyone else, let me just remind you, faithful readers, that I'm around for writing jobs as well as the various ministerial duties I can perform, like weddings, naming ceremonies, vow renewals, and pretty much anything you can think of except for circumcisions and exorcisms (and since I neither want to cut babies nor tangle with demons, I'm fine with those exceptions!) so if you have need, hit me up!

I'll start off with one that I would get my ass kicked for forgetting: my best friend is a wonderfully talented bellydancer who is available for …

The Dark Knight Rises

It's been close to two full days since I saw The Dark Knight Rises, and I'm still not quite sure how to review it or what I want to say because, quite frankly, my mind is still completely fucking blown. So, I've decided that I'll start off the blog tackling some of the more common complaints I've seen flying around about the film, and maybe that will get me started off. And, as always, there might be spoilers, so if you don't want to read anything other than "I absolutely loved this movie," best kick rocks now.

One common complaint is about how hard to understand Bane was. You know what? Get your ears checked. I understood pretty much every word he said, and the words I missed, I missed because of other sound effects going on, something that happened with characters other than him, too. His voice was fine.

Another complaint I've seen a lot is that people thought the first hour or two was bad. I disagree, but this is of course just opinion. I thoug…

I Got a Liebster Award!

Yesterday my blog received it's first Liebster Award from my friend Master Gio (his blog, Words from the Master, can be found here), which is a gesture that is very much appreciated. The award comes with a set of rules involving answering questions given to you by the person presenting you the award, then creating questions of your own and giving the award with those questions to other bloggers. I'm going to skip most of that, just because I don't really know enough other bloggers to send it to, which I guess means I only get an Honorary Liebster Award... but I will answer the questions he gave me!

1. What made you decide to start a blog?
I wanted to do more writing, and needed an outlet for all the ideas and opinions I have, and this seemed like the easiest way. It damn sure wasn't for all the feedback and comments I don't get!

2. What was the first thing you ever wrote about in your blog?
Technically, the very first post was an introduction, but I won't count …

Fiction Friday - Biggs and Wedge Occult Occurrences: Tick Tock Kills the Clock

Here's the third part of this new short story series I've been working on. I haven't gotten much feedback on it yet so if you read it, I'd love to know what you think, either good or bad. I've got at least nine more weeks worth of stories planned for these characters, so I'd love to know if people are enjoying them. Here's some links if you want to get caught up before reading today's installment:
Biggs and Wedge Occult Occurrences Biggs and Wedge Occult Occurrences: The Curse of the Gorilla's Paw
Biggs and Wedge Occult Occurrences: Tick Tock Kills the Clock
            “That’s definitely a grandfather clock.”             “What was your first clue,” Wedge answered sarcastically, “the fact that it looks like a grandfather clock, or the fact that it tells time? Of course it’s a clock, Biggs,” he went on with a sigh, “what else are you getting from it?”             “It’s also definitely haunted,” I answered calmly, pretending not to enjoy how much I occasiona…

Is The Amazing Spider-Man Really Amazing?

Whenever I go see a movie based on a comic book or graphic novel, there are two sides of me that usually find themselves at odds with each other. On the one hand, there's the rational movie-goer, who just wants to see a good movie and be entertained for two hours. Then, there's the rabid fanboy who wants the source material to be honored as perfectly as possible and wants the movie to live up to the comic book I've been reading for over twenty years. Those two sides are definitely a bit at odds when it comes to The Amazing Spider-Man. And there will be spoilers, so if you don't want to know, beat feet on out of here before you see what comes after this lovely poster.

Okay. The irrational fanboy in me sort of hated this movie a bit. I don't see why they had to change the costume. Other than Superman, it's probably the most iconic costume ever, and they got it pretty perfect in the first trilogy. I don't see why we needed another origin movie. Everyone knows …

Fiction Friday - Biggs and Wedge Occult Occurrences: The Curse of the Gorilla's Paw

It's another Friday and I'm back with another short story, this one a sequel to the one I posted last week about occult investigators Biggs and Wedge. The first story, by the way, can be found here. I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing with this, if I'm making it a series of short stories, or maybe something larger with an overarching storyline, or eventually even a longer story... right now, I'm just enjoying writing again. So read it and hopefully enjoy it; hit me up with some feedback if you can, I'd love to know what you guys think.

Biggs and Wedge Occult Occurrences: The Curse of the Gorilla’s Paw
“That’s definitely a monkey’s paw.”             “Technically, it’s a gorilla’s paw, Biggsy,” my partner, Wedge, corrected me. In answer to my questioning stare, he shrugged. “What? I watch National Geographic sometimes.”             I stared at him for a second longer. “Fine. It’s a gorilla’s paw. Now that that’s out of the way, what do we do with it?” I’d seen a l…