One Last Time

It's been a week of announcements for me. After turning 35 and enjoying a nice hotel suite party with close friends, I announced I'm probably not going hard for my birthday anymore. I was also very pleased to be able to announce that, after only being a full-time employee for only 8 months, I've received a promotion and a hefty raise at Ross. Seriously, I'm now making more money than I ever have before. Life is good. But it's time for one more announcement. So relax, have a drink with me, because...

Shootin' Straighter than a Stormtrooper is closing its doors.

I've been running this blog off and on for six years now, and fairly steadily on for the last four years or so. But the truth is, despite my efforts, it never really went where I wanted it to go, and lord knows it never really caught on with an audience or anything. In the last year or so, as I got a movie reviewing position at another site, it mostly became a place where I linked to my reviews on that site, or wrote book reviews, or, most recently, reviewed comic book art. But the truth is that the writing bug has left me lately. Not even Oscar season has inspired me to get on and write the usual posts I do about movies this time of year. Hell, I didn't even pick a best/worst movie of the year this time around (FYI, best was probably Creed, worst was probably Fantastic Four) and especially the thought of writing things mostly going unread. And if that's true of writing in general, it's especially true of reviewing. I dropped out of the two sites I was on involving movies, and I'm going to stick to just giving stars on Flixster or Goodreads for the foreseeable future.

I don't know if it's over forever; I'm not deleting the site so I can always go back to it. But at this point it feels like blogging is just a chore, and one not worth making time for. If I want to write, I can do it quietly, to and for myself, which is what this basically was anyway if you saw my view statistics. Maybe I'll come back someday, but I honestly doubt it. So, for one last time, if you were reading, thanks for reading.