Stormtrooper Terry

Stormtrooper Terry

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mets Monday, Vol. 8

The Mets have finally broken that 4-2 per week streak they seemed to be on that I mentioned last week. They went 5-1 since last Monday, which is, well, pretty goddamn good. They took two out of three from the Padres, which is an accomplishment, and then swept the Orioles, which, well, isn't an accomplishment at all. But it kind of is, because they swept the O's in Baltimore. That's right, the Metsies swept a road series, something that hasn't happened since last May 2009, apparently.

That's a fact, by the way, that seemingly led Rod Barajas to tell Frenchie that they sucked last year... he was joking, but he seems to have caught a little static or something for it. I don't know why, it's not like he was wrong...

Anyway. The Mets pickup the road trip tomorrow night with three against the Indians, which, the way Cleveland's season has been going, should result in two out of three for the Mets, if not another sweep. That'll be followed by three games with the Yanks at Yankee Stadium... all told, this is a pretty big week coming up.

Lets look at the positives from this week. Starting pitching is definitely one; we got a nine-inning affair from Pelfrey before the game went into extra innings, and a complete game one-hit shutout from Niese. Takahashi pitched back to form after two shaky starts, and Dickey is still cruising. On the offensive side, Wright and Bay are both starting to come alive, and Reyes has been doing damn good as well.

How about negatives? Well, Santana's last start wasn't too great, and neither was Pelfrey's, but really, if that's the biggest negative we have, I have no problem at all. Even the best pitchers have off days now and then, and that's all it was. They'll be fine.

Like I said, big week coming up. Let's keep it going, boys.


  1. D-Wright leads the NL in ribeye steaks right now. He's also fourth in the NL in strikeouts, but I'll take it for the RBIs and good average.

    Winning last night, the Mets starters are something like 15-3 in their last 26 starts. That is batshit insane for this staff. And it could be better if Johan got run support in two of those starts!

    When Maine returns, Takahashi likely goes back to the pen. If his fastball tops out at 84 MPH again, this will hopefully be short-lived. And when do we cut Ollie again?

  2. I know no one wants to flat-out cut Ollie completely and eat his salary for nothing... wait, that's not true, I want to do exactly that. I never want to see him on the team again, and fuck knows we'll never be able to trade him, so since we're going to eat his salary either way, might as well do it with a free roster spot.

    They said Maine was at 88-89 MPH in his first rehab start, which is a good sign, and I like Takahashi in the pen, we need a left-handed longman. I also like the idea of acquiring another starter before the deadline and putting Dickey in the pen... imagine the weapon he'd be in relief.