Mets Monday, Vol. 9

Normally, I'd be a lot more upset after losing a series to the Yankees, two games to one, but this time, I'm not. For one thing, we split the year series with them, three games apiece. For another, those two loses came after an eight game winning streak, seven of which came on the road and included two sweeps. Obviously, the Mets read this blog last week and decided I was right about them needing to win on the road, because they improved their road record from 8-18 to 15-20, which really is a drastic improvement. Also, the Mets are only a 2.5 games behind Atlanta for first place, and, if the season were to end today, would be in the playoffs in the wild card spot. So right now, things are looking pretty damn good.

Today is the last of three Mondays off in a row before starting a homestand tomorrow, where they're facing two tough AL teams in the form of the Tigers and the Twins. I have faith, though, that with such a dominant home record (24-10), the Mets are in good shape. Really, as long as the offense wakes up from the hiatus it's been on since the third inning or so of Saturday's game, everything should come up roses.