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Boy's LifeBoy's Life by Robert R. McCammon

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There's a mystery at the center of Boy's Life, and it's a damn good one... but it's not what's at the heart of the story. No, the heart of the story is all about nostalgia and magic. It's about remembering with longing the simpler times (although we didn't think they were simpler back then!) when we all believed in magic and the way that belief affected and colored our everyday lives. It's about what a boy's love for his family and for his friends can allow him to do. Most of all, though, it's about life and growing up. It's written with a sense of poetry and wistfulness perfectly mixed together with a sense of humor and wonder, and I loved every minute of it, every page of it. This was the second book in my year-long Recommended Reading Challenge, and it was a perfect fit for me that I highly recommend for everyone else to check out as well.

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