Stormtrooper Terry

Stormtrooper Terry

Monday, August 27, 2012

Mega Multiplex Movie Marathon

I'm such a whore for alliteration.

Anyway, this past Saturday afternoon, I had plans to see a movie with one of my favorite partners in crime, Kim (who, by the way, is fantastic photographer available for shoots; check out her work at and then hire her. Seriously. Do it.) So after having a great lunch that involved a giant hamburger, a mimosa, a screw driver, and a shot that was really like four shots, plus great company, I met up with her and we went to see Hit and Run at 2:30pm. It was pretty damn funny, and I definitely recommend it. By the way, has anyone else noticed that Dax Shepard and Zach Braff look crazily similar? I thought maybe it was just me while I was watching the movie, but apparently this is a thing:

Fucking creepy.
So, when the movie ended, we proceeded with our plan to find another movie to sneak into, because movies today are too expensive to see just one. I mean, $13.50 per ticket? Come on now.  My first choice for a second movie would have been The Expendables 2, but I couldn't see that without my boys, so I was pushing for Premium Rush instead. Of course, I lost that discussion and we ended up walking into the movie right next door to Hit and Run, which was the 4:20pm showing of The Odd Life of Timothy Green. I needn't have been upset about not seeing what I wanted, though, because we eventually pulled off four successful theater hops and saw a total of five movies for the price of one.

No, really, doubting Jennifer Lawrence! Five movies!
Timothy Green was alright, nothing to write home about but still cute enough to be enjoyable. When it was over, Kim asked if I wanted to find another one to watch. Now, a three-for at this point was sort of the high-point for me and my friends; as far as I can remember me and my heterosexual life-mate Chris have only pulled it off twice before, so I was up for the challenge. It was around 6pm. We walked up and down a few floors in the theaters but couldn't find anything that was about to start, so we ducked into a showing of The Apparition that had started at 5:50pm. How this movie started at 5:50pm, must have had at least fifteen minutes of trailers, and was still over by 7:10pm is beyond me, but thank god it was short, because it was also abysmally bad. And I'm not just saying that because we missed the beginning; it was so awful we could just tell that seeing the beginning wouldn't have made it any better.

When that was over, Kim suggested we try for another movie. A four-for! That had never been done before. I didn't think we'd manage it because once six or seven o'clock rolls around they have ushers at the doors, but I figured we'd try it. There was a 7pm show of Paranorman right next door, but we couldn't do it because it was 3D and we lacked glasses. So we ended up upstairs for a 7:30 show of Premium Rush. Talk about full circle, right? I had sort of expected to hate it, because I'm completely not on the Joseph Gordon-Levitt bandwagon, and, c'mon, bike messengers? But I actually really liked. Full of action, with a lot of comedy... sure, the plot was a little far-fetched, but I'd already sat through movies about a kid who is half-plant or something and people who, like, wished a ghost into existence, or whatever the fuck The Apparition was about, so who was I to complain? Anyway, as the credits roll, my company for this rapidly-becoming-legen-wait-for-it-dary night leans over to me and says, "Five for five."

She wanted to try for a fifth movie. She's either a very bad influence or a very good influence, I can't decide.

A five-for. That had never even been contemplated before, much less attempted. So I'm skeptical, but I say sure... although at this point I'm not even sure there's anything left to see! We go back downstairs to the floor where we saw The Apparation and where the 3D Paranorman was and, lo and behold, there's another show of Paranorman starting in that same theater at 9:20pm... but this one isn't in 3D!

Kind of like it was meant to be, huh? And it was a pretty fun, cute movie that had me laughing the whole time, so we ended on a high note. We got to the movie theater at 2:30pm and finally walked out at like 11:10pm. Just to throw a little math at you, five movies at $13.50 a ticket for two people comes out to $135 bucks.

We spent $27.

At a bar afterwards, simultaneously drinking half a margarita and a Corona while hanging out with great friends and rocking a totally pimp hat, what did I have to say about this?

"Bueno!" is what I had to say!


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