New Shows Review: ABC Wins, CBS Loses. Twice.

I'm going to keep this one short and sweet today. I've seen three new fall premieres since last time, two on purpose and one because I had half an hour to kill last night and there was absolutely nothing else on. So let's get down to business.

I'm not really going to review S.H.I.E.L.D. because the point of a review is to possibly sway the opinion of people who aren't sure if they want to see something. Let's face it, there really aren't any such people when it comes to this show. Everyone who wants to watch it already is and have been waiting for it with bated breath since it was announced, and the people who aren't already watching it never will. So Instead I'll just say that while I loved it, there is still room for improvement, and I'm sure it'll get nothing but better as time goes on. ABC wins.

I wanted to like this. I really did. I've given everything Sarah Michelle Gellar has done since Buffy a chance, and this was no different. And it really was no different as, just like everything else she's done since Buffy, it was just awful. Robin Williams overacts his way through the whole affair as is his wont. Comedy has never been SMG's strong suit unless she's playing against the right supporting cast, and this supporting cast just falls flat. Plus, it has Hamish Linklater in it, and I just have an irrational dislike of him now after his turn as Jerry Dantana in The Newsroom. CBS unfortunately loses on this one.

I had absolutely nothing to watch last night so I ended up giving this a shot, even though I hadn't planned to originally. I should have stuck to my gut. I didn't laugh once. From the inane and overdone voice-over narration to the caricatures they parade out as characters to the forced male camaraderie that just grates, there is absolutely nothing good about this show. CBS definitely loses here.

So far, out of five new shows, the only survivors are the aforementioned S.H.I.E.L.D. and the surprisingly good Sleepy Hollow. There are still a few more to go, but it's looking like a pretty weak fall season so far...