Goodreads Book Review - Doctor Who: Lights Out

Lights OutLights Out by Holly Black

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Much like the story before this one, Neil Gaiman's "Nothing O'Clock" about the Eleventh Doctor (my personal favorite Doctor), what Black does so right here is nail her Doctor's voice. I could hear Twelve delivering the lines, picture his face in my mind, etc. And it's entertaining as hell just for that. What she does wrong, though, is write a far too breezy story. It's very short, possibly the shortest in the series, and easily the most superficial, which was disappointing. Maybe it's because Twelve was still new while she was writing this and she didn't have much to go on, I don't know. The ending was very easy to guess. She also harped on eyebrow jokes way too much; yes, we all love the Attack Eyebrows, but don't beat it to death in a thirty page story. That's just weak.

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