Goodreads Book Review - Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography

Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own AutobiographyNeil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography by Neil Patrick Harris

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It should come as no surprise to me that NPH is as good at writing as he is at everything else. He tells the story of his life, both personal and professional, with wit, charm, soul, and honesty, and he uses the clever choose your own adventure conceit wonderfully to show the different, usually ludicrous, ways his life could have gone (although, full disclosure, I felt the conceit didn't work as well as an ebook, the way I read it, as it would with a hard copy, but I still love the idea). The testimonials from other people were nice touches as well, and someone like me could certainly enjoy the drink recipes included. My only complaint is that some topics felt like they were just touched upon superficially because they were expected and he could have gone much deeper. Still it's his legen-wait for- oh the hell with it, you know the joke already-dary life, I'm just reading it. And enjoying the hell out of it, too.

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