Welcome My Friends To the Show That Never Ends!

Hey there, gentle readers. It's Jim, and this is my blog. For those of you reading who don't actually know me, I'm a twenty-nine year old man living (or trying to, anyway) in New York City. That life, for better or worse, is almost always an adventure. A long, long time ago in what seems like a galaxy far, far away, I used to have a blog on Myspace. Like everyone else, I eventually stopped using Myspace and moved to Facebook. I love Facebook, but, no blog. So, for me, switching over was like moving to a much nicer neighborhood that doesn't have that one seedy bar with the crackhead sitting outside that you always went to but would never actually admit it. I missed that bar. And the crackhead. So now, I have a blog again.

What can you expect from me? Well, I'm a writer, or, at least, I think I am. So, my goal, aside from ranting and raving about a myriad selection of topics (we'll get to those in a bit) is to polish and expand my writing skills, and to entertain you, all at the same time. Will I be any good at it? I don't know, you tell me. In terms of content, one blog I'm already planning to write is an exploration of Darth Vader as an analogue for Jesus.

Yes, I am a Star Wars Geek.

That brings me to content. I watch a lot of television, so I'll be blogging about that a lot. I'll probably do an "Episode of the Week" column, or something. Likewise, I read a lot of comic books (no, my geekdom is not limited to Star Wars) and will blog about them a lot as well, also probably with a "Comic of the Week" column. I read a lot of books, as well, but probably won't blog about them much, unless something really excites me. Likewise for music, probably won't happen much. Oh, and I will doubtlessly be whining about the Mets quite often...

What about movies? I'm glad you ask. I won't be blogging about movies all that often; however, my best friend Nick and I will be blogging about movies often and awesomely at Heckling from the Balcony. (shameless plug!)

The other thing I plan on doing, probably weekly for awhile, is a Blast From the Past column, where I'll post some of those old Myspace blogs, mostly to bring back some memories for me and my friends. I have a wonderful, eccentric bunch of friends, and as time goes on, I'm sure they'll all show up here as well.

So come and join me. It's going to be a bumpy ride, but it's going to be fun as hell, too.