Stormtrooper Terry

Stormtrooper Terry

Friday, July 2, 2010

Fiction Fridays - Untitled Magic Story Part 2

Here's the second smidgen of this story I've started, there isn't much more because I spent a great deal of this week plotting and planning instead of writing, but here it is. Again, thoughts are welcome.

The plan was to catch him at his office right before he closed for the night, which he did at ten o’clock, but you know what they say about plans, right? Plans and whores, they both love to get fucked. By the time I got to his office, he was walking down the block, probably on his next assignment, which was no good for the poor bastard he was on his way to off, but it was no picnic for me, either; if he offed somebody after I had already been sent to take care of him, the Covenant would consider it a failure on my part, and as you can probably imagine, they aren’t too big on failure. I followed him down the block, casting a minor spell on myself to make me seem further away than I was if he happened to turn around… sort of an “objects in the rear view mirror” trick. If he gave me an opening, even the smallest one, I’d have to jump on it.

I have to say, I followed that squirrely bastard for what felt like miles, and all I could think was, who the hell walks this far anymore? It was right around then, though, that he turned into an alley. I don’t know if he was taking a shortcut or what, but I knew this was my chance. I dispelled the rear-view enchantment as I broke into the run, turning into the alley just as the Sultan reached the halfway point. “Hey, Bobby,” I called out to him.

He turned, and I had to give him credit, he didn’t show any visible signs that I had scared the crap out of him. “Who wants to know?” Why do they always say that? I hate clichés.

Time to drop the bomb. “The Covenant.” That got a reaction, alright. His entire body went rigid; that’s how scary those guys are. Maybe it would knock the fight out of him, save me some trouble. “I took a few steps closer, close enough for him to see me clearly. “You had to know what you’ve been doing was going to catch their attention sooner or later.”

“I was kind of hoping it was going to be later.” Another cliché. I was starting to hope he’d put up a fight, after all. The he took a step towards me, squinting a little. “I know you. You’re one of their lap dogs, aren’t you?” He shook his head. “I was kind of hoping I’d rate a magistrate by now.”

“Guess you never met one before.” Magistrates are the Covenant’s big dogs, decked out in armor that nullified any spell cast against them, but still let them throw spells around at whim. Kings of unfair, let me tell you, and I know from experience… but we’re nowhere near that yet. “Anyway, Bobby, I’m here to bring you to them. Let’s do it the easy way, huh? The Mets are on the west coast tonight and the game just started, I’d like to get to a bar and watch.”

“Oh, sure, I’ll come. You got me.” He took a step towards me, then leaned back, raised his hands over his head and threw them forward as he spat out the word Inflameo.

The fact that he was putting up a fight didn’t surprise me.

The fact that he was a pyro, though? That was an unpleasant surprise.


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