Mets Monday, Vol. 11

I'm keeping this one short because, well, I'm still counting today as part of the holiday weekend, I have a blog I still have to write for Heckling later tonight, and I'm just plain tired.

It was a rough week for the Mets, going 3-4 on a road trip against the Marlins and the Nationals, two teams it seems like they can just never beat, which is annoying. It didn't help, I'm sure, that Reyes has missed something like five games in a row now, and although he's back now, Pagan missed a few games in that road trip as well. Still, 3-4 is probably the second-best road trip we've had all season (try not to dwell on that idea), so it's not all bad.

Big home stand starting... well, technically it started fifteen minutes ago, with three games against the Cardinals and three against the Braves, both first place teams. Which is good, because for however many seasons in a row this is, the Mets seem to play to the level of the competition. Should be a fun week to watch.

And before I go, let's congratulate the Mets All-Stars: David Wright, who deserves every bit of it for the way he's been playing for the last six or seven weeks or so; and Jose Reyes, who might have only made the team because of an injury to someone else, but he's been playing up a storm as well.


  1. You're probably aware, but the Metsies are playing the Reds, not the Cards.

    Also, 3-4 on a road trip is passable after starting the season 8-18 away from home. Their halfway point mark of 18-24 is actually a half-game better than Atlanta's road record.

    Reyes did make the team because Troy Tulowitzki is injured, but by picking the injured player and then the replacement you honor an extra player. Seems like a win-win, even if Charlie Manuel probably didn't want to add a Met. (If he wanted to add a Met, he'd have Big Pelf on the goddamn team.)

  2. I'm gonna blame the GM or whatever who has worked for both teams and say he confused me. That's the ticket.

    Pelf should be on the team, there's no two ways about that.

  3. Yeah, Walt Jocketty was the Cardinal GM through '07 and they did say that, come to think of it. You win this round...

  4. And they were talking about it while I typed it... yeah, yeah, that's what happened.


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