Fiction Friday - Let's Get This Party Kickstarted?

As some people now, it's been a very trying week for me. Lots of difficult, draining stuff going on and, as such, I haven't been getting that much sleep. It makes blogging difficult. Sure, it was one thing to go on a rant about Human Centipede 2, because that was just an offense against humanity, but fiction? That's sort of out of my reach this week. Instead, I want to ask a question.

Anyone familiar with or have any experience with I came across it the other day and, seeing that it's a way to get funds for a creative project, the gears in my head immediately started turning; this might be a good way to get a comic book/graphic novel self-published. But before I get involved, I wanted to see if anyone out there had any experience with it or other information for me. What say you, blogverse?