The All-Wet Blog-A-Thon: Garden State

So I decided to take part in the All-Wet Blog-A-Thon this year. It's a fun idea being run by the entertainment blog Encore's World of Film and TV on Sunday, April 29th. The idea is to choose a scene from a movie that takes place in the rain, post a screen cap of it, and then explain why you like it. I knew I had to take part in this blog-a-thon because, as soon as I saw it, one movie scene popped into my head and it was perfect for it.

The "infinite abyss" scene from one of my favorite movies, Garden State. Without going into a long rambling rant about how great this movie is and why I love it, this seen sees the three main characters standing on the precipice of an immeasurably deep hole, wearing garbage bags to keep them at least partly dry in the rain. Staring down into this hole, confronted with the sheer enormity of it, they just scream. It always seemed to me that, faced by that infinite abyss, as they call it, they are forced to put their own problems into perspective; they realize that, in the face of how massive existence is, the planet, the universe, all of it, their lives and problems are miniscule. They have to accept just how small a person's life is in the grand scheme of things, and do the only thing they can: a rebellious yell that says even though they're small, they still matter. It's a deep moment, at least to me, and the fact that it's pouring only serves to underscore the power of nature and man's weakness. It makes it even more perfect.

And now that I'm starting to ramble, I'll wrap it up here, ending it with a quote from this scene: "Good luck exploring the infinite abyss."


  1. Images like that final are part of the impetus for hosting this again. Rain adds so much texture to a shot.

  2. Yeah, the atmosphere it sets definitely adds so many subtle nuances to a scene.


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