The Return of the Return of Mets Monday!

Okay, I know what you're thinking: what the hell is up with that title? Back on Myspace, I used to do a blog called "Mets Monday" about the Mets every... you guessed it, Monday. I brought the tradition over with me when I started doing this blog, and the first post was then called "The Return of Mets Monday." Eventually that fell off midway through 2010 because the Mets were so bad that writing about them just increased my already boiling suicidal tendencies to a really dangerous level.

Now, with a little time between me and that period of loathing, I've decided to bring the tradition back again; hence, the title. I will, however, not be forcing myself to write something about them every Monday. I'll be limiting it to only when I actually have something to good to write about... like the way I went to my first Mets game since 2010 last Wednesday, which was also the anniversary of the first Mets game ever.

The view from the Pepsi Porch. I do love Citi Field... now with less walls!

Joined by a few friends, I took in the game from the Pepsi Porch out in right field. Like most areas of Citi Field, the seats were nice and the view was decent. The game, however, billed as a pitchers duel between Johan Santana and the Nationals' Stephen Strasburg, was neither nice or decent. The Mets lost 4-0, which I can live with. There's an old baseball saying that goes something like, "Every team is going to win 54 games, and every team is going to lose 54 games. It's what happens in the remaining 54 games that matters." What annoyed me is that, out of the four runs the Nationals scored, two came from walks with the bases loaded, one came from a wild pitch, and one happened when a double play wasn't turned properly. I don't mind losing, I just hate sloppy play.

A couple of other notes from the game that day:

- As loud as it sounds like Jason Bay is getting booed when you watch the game on TV, it sounds even worse in person. And, sadly, he deserves it.

- When Ike Davis got his first hit of the season, judging by the ovation he got, you'd have thought he just hit a game winning grand slam.

-People really hate Jayson Werth. When he got beaned, there was damn near a standing ovation. The people sitting in the new Party City Party Deck in center field were on him all game, so much so that he spent half the game looking back at them. Then, when he got moved over to right field, it was our turn. One particular fan, who may or may not have been inebriated, loudly expressed his wishes that Weirdbeard would just die, and then yelled at him, "Hey, Werthless, what was your average last year? Your beard is bigger than that!"

Gotta love Mets fans. Whether or not the team manages to remain the most surprising thing in baseball  or (perhaps inevitably) falls apart any day now, I would love to take in some more games this season.

And then, you know, write about them.