Panel of the Week: 4/29/15

This week's panel of the week isn't any great, momentous moment or anything of that sort. It doesn't even feature all that great of a character. But it is the culmination of a solid issue, it makes for a pretty great moment, and it's a very well put together picture. It comes to us from Moon Knight #14, written by Cullen Bunn, penciled by Ron Ackins and Steven Sanders.

I know what you're thinking. Moon Knight doesn't look like that! Well, you might be thinking that if you've ever heard of him. But this new look has been around a little while, and I like it a lot, as opposed to his typical superhero getup. I especially love the way the color interacts with all the other colors around it. And I love the mission statement that goes with his declaration as he uses the dogs as his "flock," helping them get revenge on someone who abused them. And I love how the shadow he casts isn't quite his own, a nod to his status as avatar of a god. All in all, it's a great example of comic book story-telling.