Panel of the Week: 5/20/15

Here I am, about to catch up on these after falling behind a couple of weeks... so of course I'm catching up on the day a whole new batch of comics comes out. Whatever, not the point. We'll get to this week's winner in a second, but first, a little spoiler-blocker for the FB thumbnail, to preserve the mystery a bit when this is posted there...

And now, this week's winner, which comes to us from Transformers #41 (I have no idea which volume it is at this point, except to say it's the current IDW ongoing), written by John Barber with art by Livio Ramondelli. The series is doing an event called "Combiner Wars," which is basically a free-for-all between all the merged Transformers like Devastator and Superion and the like. It's chaos, and Optimus Prime decides there's only one way to stop it:

He becomes a combiner himself, merging with some of his most trusted Autobots, real classics: Ironhide, Mirage, Sunstreaker, and Prowl. It's an absolutely ludicrous turn of events and the child TF fan in me absolutely loves it. And I'm crazy about Ramondelli's gritty art for this series. His robots actually look like robots, unlike a lot of other artists who have a habit of making the Transformers look too human.

And as a parting gift, an image released today for an alternate cover to one of Marvel's upcoming books, with art by J. Scott Campbell, one of my all time faves who absolutely needs to get back into monthly comics.

Absolutely friggin' beautiful.