Stormtrooper Terry

Stormtrooper Terry

Monday, May 31, 2010

Mets Monday, Vol. 6

As I said a few weeks ago, baseball is a funny game, and thing scan turn around quickly. For example, after playing just abysmally for the first half or so of this month, the Mets took two out of three from the Yankees last weekend, and since my last blog entry, have gone 4-2. Those four wins include a three-game sweep of the Phillies, a series in which the Phils didn't score a run in any of the three games. Granted, those two losses came after that Phillies series, to the lowly Brewers, but no one can be perfect. Let's look at some upsides.

R.A. Dickey has had three starts now, and has been fantastic, going six innings or more in each of his starts while he fills in for the injured John Maine. Likewise, Takahashi, taking the place of the continually useless Ollie Perez, is making his third start tonight and has been so fantastic so far that his place in the rotation should be secured. Big Mike Pelfrey has elevated his game to ace level, and you can be just as confidant when he starts as you are when Santana starts.

Other upsides? The offense seems to be coming around now, especially Reyes, who has just been lighting it up with multi-hit games left and right. Wright is still struggling with the Ks, but he's also getting the walks and RBIs, so he continues to be an enigma. Francoeur just had a 4-for-5 day, so hopefully he's coming around as well.

What the Mets really need to do now is figure out how to win on the road. While they're ten games over .500 at Citi, they're nine games under .500 away. Which is where they are, right now, wearing ugly white hats that don't actually match the gray road uniforms they're wearing.

Oh well. If they start fixing that road record tonight, it doesn't matter at all what they're wearing, right?


  1. Wow didn't know the Mets were that good at home. You're right about Pelfrey and I have a feeling he'll pitch the team's first no hitter next week against the lowly Orioles.

  2. You do know the rule about no-no's, right? STFU!!!!