The Week's Best, for the week of 4-26-10 to 5-2-10

Today's entry is probably going to end up a little shorter than usual because it's around 90 degrees in my room right now and as I sit in my desk chair, my shirt is sticking to me like a second skin and it's really uncomfortable. Also, I'm trying to write a 90-page play, so my thoughts are a little scattered. So, let's go on with The Week's Best...

The Week's Best TV Show Runner-Up - Fringe Ep 2x20, "Brown Betty"Say you have a mad scientists who's trying to be a good guy. Now say his son has walked out of his life without an explanation and he's very upset about it, so he's resorted to lots of drugs. More drugs than usual for him. Now say he's asked to babysit a little girl and tell her a story. What do you get? You get a semi-musical episode about magical hearts and animated corpses singing about how the candyman can. "Nuff said.

The Week's Best TV Show Winner - House Ep 6x18, "Open and Shut"
Aside from the usual fascinating interactions between House and his minions and patients, this week had two terrific sub-plots: the first involved House setting up fights to try to break Wilson and his new girlfriend/first ex-wife up; the second involved one of the members of House's team, who sought to start an open marriage with his wife after seeing that this week's patient was in one, all of which eventually led to some really great scenes between him and his wife, before he lied to and cheated on her. Good stuff.

The Week's Best Comic Book Runner-Up - Green Hornet #3I was never that big a fan of the Green Hornet growing up, so it's fair to say that what drew me to Dynamite's current Hornet revival is the fact that the main series is being written by Kevin Smith, based off his script for a Green Hornet movie that never happened. Based on reading this, whoever decided that movie shouldn't happen should be fired. For the most part, Smith's story-telling is sharp, and until the final sequence there isn't a hint of his trademark humor here. Plus, he kills the Green Hornet, which is fairly awesome.

The Week's Best Comic Book Winner - X-Force #26Spoiler alerts, folks. This is the fifth chapter in the huge X-Men "Second Coming" event, which focuses on the return of Hope, the mutant Messiah who was the first mutant born after the events of House of M. This is a big deal because, after the "no more mutants" line was uttered in that story, the amount of mutants in the Marvel universe dropped from tens of thousands to 198, and we're told in the beginning of this story that it's down now to 181. So a mutant birth is a big deal, and now that Hope is back, the X-Men's leader, Cyclops, is doing everything he can to keep her safe. Unfortunately in this issue, "everything he can" exacts a heavy price, and the popular Nightcrawler is killed. This issue is filled with riveting action up until his death, and even more compelling emotional beats after his death, as Hope cries over his body, Cyclops is wracked with guilt, the rest of the X-Men are filled with sorrow, and Wolverine simmers with rage. This is rapidly becoming an event that is not to be missed.