Back in the Workforce

It's been an interminably long while since I could say this, but I've got a job. And even if it's only an oddly-scheduled temp job, it's still a job,  it pays pretty well, and it's a relief; let's be honest, at this point in my life, any relief, even a temporary one, is much needed, and much appreciated. I figured I should try to explain just what the job is, because it is an odd little situation.

Apparently Morgan Stanley has decided to switch their employees' Blackberry carrier from whatever company was providing it to Verizon. To oversee the transfer, they got a company called Cobite (I think), and they gather all the employee information... names, e-mails, phone numbers, etc... and give it to the Verizon team to use when setting up the phones. The Verizon team, I guess, figured they didn't want to devote a ton of their full-time employees to that task, so they got the staffing agency Adecco to find temps for them, and that's how I got involved, because I registered with Adecco months ago.

Still with me? Good. That was the complicated part, I promise.

So what I do is basically spend all day sitting with the other people on the Verizon team... so far a few full-time Verizon employees and one other Adecco temp... and I pre-program the phones. Open them up, put the battery in, activate the phone, put in the person's e-mail address so it can sync everything for them download whatever apps they should have, put it in the box, and it gets delivered to them. That's it. Oh, and I have to make sure the pre-loaded Facebook and Twitter icons are hidden in the main menu, which just makes me laugh, because there I am checking Facebook and Twitter on my phone during our down times, which can be frequent, because syncing and app store downloading can take a loooong time, apparently. Best part? I don't deal with the employees at all. The Cobite team delivers them after I program them, so there's no customer service aspect of the job at all. That right there gives me a happy.

There's one other aspect of the job that is pretty fun. Morgan Stanley is doing this for employees in all their locations, so we actually will be going to different locations all the time. For example, we were in one of the McGraw-Hill buildings on Sixth Avenue the last two days, and next week we'll be in a building on 5th Avenue for three days before moving to one on 7th Avenue on Thursday, and then another one on 7th Avenue on Friday, and so on. I kind of like that. It'll keep me from getting too bored, and, if nothing else, will give me different places to go to for lunch every day!

Sadly, the job will only last until mid-January with a week-and-a-half off for the holidays, but I'm looking at the upsides here. It gives me money for Christmas, makes sure I can party my ass off for New Year's, and guarantees I'll have enough money to pull off the epic birthday celebration I'm planning, something that is happening literally the day after the job ends.  So all in all, I can say that this is pretty awesome, and I'm totally going to put off worrying about what will happen when I'm unemployed again so I can just focus on enjoying how great this is while I can.

Besides, if the Mayans are right, I'll be employed when the world ends and the rest won't matter anyway!


  1. That's a pretty cool gig! Interesting post too. I'm glad you like it and I hope you get more jobs like this in the future!


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