Goodreads Book Review: The Lucky One

The Lucky OneThe Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

A lot of people don't know this about me because I don't get much chance to show people this side of me, but I'm a total romantic. The last love story I read, Bet Me, had me awwing and even tearing up in a few places. So you can't say I just don't like love stories when I say that this might be one of the worst books I've ever read. The writing is ridiculously simple, filled with way too much exposition than is tolerable, breaking one of the #1 rules of writing, "Show, don't tell." Not only does all the exposition break that rule, it telegraphs just about everything that is going to happen in the entire novel way too early one; there was seriously not one piece of the plot I couldn't see coming a mile away. And the ending is a total cop-out. It was unbelievably bad and abrupt, with a ridiculously undeserved denouement. I will say, however, that the characters were fairly well developed and for the most part likeable, so it had that going for it, but the dog, Zeus, was the only saving grace of the entire affair, and the one star I gave the story is all for him.

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As you can see, the twenty-third book in the Recommended Reading Challenge has left an awful taste in my mouth. I need a really good book to cleanse the palette at this point. So who's got one?


  1. You read a lot so I would like to recommend The Book of Basketball by Bill Simmons. I love that book and if you need a copy I will be happy to loan you one but it's widely available and you should be able to borrow one from the library. And oh it's 700+ pages. :)

    1. Yeah... that's not going to happen lol


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