Mets Monday - More Important Than Baseball

Now that the 2013 baseball season is in full swing, I was all set to blog about a few of the things surrounding my much beloved, much maligned New York Mets. I wanted to talk about what a beast Matt Harvey is. I wanted to talk about how if you only win games when two of your starters are pitching you aren't going to have a very good record. I wanted to talk about how freeing it is to not have any real expectations, how fun it is to just watch baseball when winning is a bonus instead of a goal.  I was going to talk about how unproductive a trip to places like Minnesota and Colorado can be in April. Two games in a row snowed out? Really?

Seriously, that just isn't baseball weather.

But sometimes things happen and baseball just doesn't seem that important. Sometimes tragedies strike, like what happened at the Boston Marathon today, and a day of celebration turns into a dark day filled with pain and suffering. The kind of day it seems like we have way too many of lately. It's days like these when we have to remember all the things that are more important than baseball. On a day like today we aren't Mets fans, or Yankees fans, or Red Sox fans. No, to paraphrase my favorite captain, Malcolm Reynolds, on a day like today, we're all just folks.

The thing about all of us being just folks is, for every one evil person with a bomb out there who wants to blow something up into a horrifying mess of smoke and fire, there are hundreds, thousands, millions of folks who will, without a second thought, run into that mess of smoke and fire to help anyone who needs it. For every one of these dark days caused by just one soulless degenerate, there are hundreds of good days filled with those good people.

And here's the thing that's really more important than baseball, folks... more important than anything else. Us. We are. And all we have to do to make sure the good days outnumber the bad ones is to just be good. Be loving. Be there for each other. We don't all have to be the people who will run into the smoke and fire... not everyone has that in them. But we can all do something. We can all do something good.

In the end, that's all we can do. And all we have to.


  1. Very realistic yet positive post. The world is full of evil people but we tend to forget that the good people outnumber the bad people. That good will always prevail against evil. You offered a very practical and common sense solution - to love one and be there for one another. That is a wonderful idea that anyone can practice on a daily basis. Gandhi said "Be the change you want to see in the world."

    1. Gandhi? Shouldn't you be quoting Jesus? Or at least one of the Apostles? SMH...


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