Goodreads Book Review - The Silver Dream

The Silver Dream (Interworld, #2)The Silver Dream by Michael Reaves

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book is a fun follow-up to the original Interworld, but it also follows the framework of that book a bit too much. Something out of Joey's control happens, he becomes an outsider, he has to try to solve things alone, etc, etc... The only noteworthy deviation from that scheme is the introduction of Acacia Jones and who and what she represents; I'll not spoil it, but it does add another layer to the series' already fun mythology. The book is a quick read, especially the fast-paced second half that goes by in a blur, building to a fun cliffhanger that I think hints pretty strongly at where both the series and our main character is going. If you liked the original, you'll enjoy following the story along. If you haven't read the original, there's more than enough catch-up played here that you could just pick this up and dive right in.

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