Stormtrooper Terry

Stormtrooper Terry

Monday, June 10, 2013

Mets Monday - Gone Fishin'

As this baseball season was ramping up, I think it's no secret that we Mets fans all knew we didn't have very much to look forward to. Sure, it's fun watching scrappy young players give it their all and fight to get better, and Matt Harvey has been an absolute delight (hopefully so too will Zack Wheeler be in a few days), but we had no real aspirations of greatness. But there was at least one thing we could be happy about:

And it's a comforting thought. See, the Marlins are hands down the worst team in baseball. They've won a whopping eighteen games out of sixty-two. They are, in fact, on pace to have one of, if not the, worst seasons in baseball history. So it's definitely comforting to be doing better than them. Until you do the math, and realize that out of those eighteen games the Marlins have won, eight of them have been against the Mets.

Yeah. The Mets have been responsible for almost half the Marlins total wins, losing eight out of eleven games to them. And getting swept twice!

Pretty pitiful, huh?

You may ask yourself, oh beleaguered Mets fans, if there's anything positive to take away from this. Take heart, for there is. Two things, actually. For one thing, we only actually have to play the Marlins seven more times this season, so the worst is hopefully behind us. And the second thing? When we hit home runs, we get the Mets Apple.

The Marlins get this.


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