Stormtrooper Terry

Stormtrooper Terry

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Musical 2013 Thus Far

It's funny. Of all the different topics I routinely blather on about, I never touch music, and people who really know me will tell you that, despite my complete lack of any musical talent whatsoever, I am a very musical person who tends to "feel" music very deeply. I suppose that's why I tend to discuss it about as often as most people discuss religion and politics at work; I don't like fighting over it or defending my taste, and believe me, I have some weird taste (I swear to you you will never find a straight man with more music from Glee on his iPod than me).

With that said, I decided tonight to share the things I've been listening to most often lately. Two lists. One of albums, one of songs not from any of those albums. Most of it is all from 2013; some of it is from 2012 that I was just late on catching. There are ten items in each list, some expected, some probably surprising. And they're not in any particular order, really. I was going to this post up big time, with album covers and the like, but I'm just so damn tired. Being a Google Foot Print Walker really makes me miss a desk job... but I digress. Here we go!

Barenaked Ladies - Grinning Streak. Just some fun, happy music.
Fall Out Boy - Save Rock and Roll. I haven't loved lyrics this much since 3EB's prime.
Thirty Seconds to Mars - LOVE LUST FAITH + Dreams. Big, awesome arena rock.
The Airborne Toxic Event - Such Hot Blood. Such good music.
Paramore - Paramore. Fun, upbeat stuff with Hayley's awesome voice at its best.
Bruno Mars - Unorthodox Jukebox. This man has become the soundtrack of my soul.
Ed Sheeran - +. Fun, mostly acoustic stuff. And I'm a sucker for acoustic.
Ke$ha - Warrior. Jimmy loves him some Ke$ha. Used to be just Drunk Jimmy, but...
Imagine Dragons - Night Visions. Been on them since before their success.
JT - The 20/20 Experience. The big surprise. Does every song have to be so long though?

Zedd - Clarity. I just randomly belt out the damn chorus whenever I can.
Icona Pop - I Love It. No, really. I do.
The Summer Set - Heart on the Floor. Features a great Peter Frampton sample...
Nelly - Hey Porsche. Not what i usually like from my Dirrty Nelly, but catchy as hell.
Yellowcard - Here I Am Alive. Love a violin.
Cee Lo Green - Only You. I don't care that he has tyrannosaurus arms.
Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble. Sometimes T-Swizzle is just irresistible.
Plain White T's - Should Have Gone to Bed. And...
Plain White T's - Haven't Told Her. The EP wasn't great, but I love these two songs.
Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines. I know I said this wasn't in any order, but, well... all honesty, this song just fucks my shit up. I mean, really.


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