Choose the New Stormtrooper II

The feeling came upon me suddenly that I want to change the look of SSTS a bit. I might even go so far as to change the layout around, or I might not (always a tricky proposition for me as HTML and me don't exactly mix harmoniously). One thing I do know is that it's definitely time to change the Stormtrooper mascot featured above, and as I've done before, I'm going to open it to a vote. When I first opened the blog, my mascot was Stormtrooper Fred.

The first time around, Fred was textless. He's moved up in the world since then.

So options were displayed, votes were cast, the results were tallied, and Fred was replaced with Stormtrooper Bart, as seen at the top of the page (so named for reasons I assume are obvious). Once again, I'm going to provide you, my loyal and questionably-existent readers with seven options, three of which are the losers from the last competition back again, and four of which are new. But first, here's one that isn't in the running but is just amusing, just to wet your whistles:

Hobo Stormtrooper!

His employment status hits a little too close to home to be in the running...

Now, last year's also-rans:

Singing in the Rain Stormtrooper!

William Tell Stormtroopers!

Just Chillin' Stormtrooper!

And new, the fresh blood:

Eye Exam Stormtroopers!

Hannibal Lector Stormtroopers!

Target Practice Stormtrooper!

And finally, the one I think might be my personal favorite:

Keyboard Stormtrooper!

 So there are the choices. Voting opens now and closes in a little over 48 hours, at 5:30pm EST on Thursday, February 13th. Start voting now!

What should be the next Stormtrooper mascot?
Singing in the Rain Stormtrooper
William Tell Stormtroopers
Just Chillin' Stormtrooper
Eye Exam Stormtroopers
Hannibal Lector Stormtroopers
Target Practice Stormtrooper
Keyboard Stormtrooper
Poll Maker

Please be aware that while you are free comment however you like as always, the only way I'm counting votes is the poll above. Comment votes won't count, but you can definitely share your favorites with the rest of us if you'd like. So help me redesign my blog, vote for your favorite stormtrooper, and come back soon to see who wins!


  1. my vote should count 5 times... just sayin'! Target Practice Stormtrooper FTW!

    1. The fact that his tally shot up so rapidly in such a short time frame makes me suspect there's some Florida-style tomfoolery going on here...

  2. page reloaded on it's own while i submitted a reply and gave me more options to vote. not my fault if blogspot wants to rig the vote with me

    1. least you're honest lol

    2. i voted 4 times so you can take 3 votes away from Target Practice stormtrooper if you'd like

    3. Oh, I will lol... you sure you don't live in Florida?

  3. Eye exam stormtrooper FTW (ok it prob won't win, but i voted for it!)

    1. Yeah it's probably a little late for them unless there's a huge late groundsweel for 'em lol


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