Shootin' Straighter Than a Stormtrooper's New Look!

Here it is folks, the moment you've all been waiting for: the unveiling of my blog's new look, crowned by the announcement of the winner of the mascot poll. I'd like to thank everyone that voted; I think there were nine of you, which is about five more than the last time I did this! As you can see above, the Keyboard Stormtrooper, my personal favorite, won after some Florida-style voting chicanery took place on behalf of Target Practice Stormtrooper, seen below.

Shame on you, Target Practice Stormtrooper. Back to the shooting range with you!

As winner, Keyboard Stormtrooper gets a name, and that name is Terry, in honor of two of my favorite authors, Terry Brooks and Terry Goodkind.

As you can see though, that isn't all that's changed. The blog itself has a new, slightly streamlined look: smaller pictures, blog previews on the main page instead of the entire entry, different features on the side column that is now on a different side, more colors, etc... Feedback is welcomed, but I don't plan on deviating much!

Also, I don't plan on appearances being the only changes around here. I'm hoping to come up with a few new features to challenge me a little and maybe drive readership up. I'm also totally open to the idea of guest bloggers, something I've toyed with in the past but have never pulled the trigger on. So if anyone has any thoughts they'd like to put out in the world, let me know!

I'm hoping to do some things with this blog, so keep an eye out; you never know what me and Stormtrooper Terry might do next!


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