Mets Monday: Opening Day 2014

Play ball! Baseball season is once again upon as as my beloved, beleaguered New York Mets kicked off their season with a game against the Washington Nationals. As in years past, I'm going to say now I hope to write more Monday blogs about the Mets throughout the course of the season. I'm not sure how successful I'll be at sticking with that; I have a nagging suspicion my success will be in no small way linked to just how successful the Metsies' own efforts are...

Today, however, rather than talking about that fairly disgusting loss we suffered today, I wanted to keep things simple and, aside from this introduction, just join my team in celebrating the life of our legendary broadcaster, Ralph Kiner. I got on him in recent years because let's be honest, legendary or not, the man should have been forced into retirement years ago, but that doesn't matter. What matters is that for decades he was the entertaining voice of the Mets, and for that he'll be loved and remembered.

So c'mon, Mets, let's see a few miracles this season.

For Ralph.