Goodreads Book Review - Razor's Edge

Razor's Edge (Star Wars: Empire and Rebellion, #1)Razor's Edge by Martha Wells

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

There was a time when I became excited whenever a new novel set in the Classic Era starring the big three came out; it was fun to see them as I remember them from the trilogy, more inexperienced, relationships rawer, lives unencumbered by everything the Expanded Universe piled on over the years. But that time passed for me, replaced with excitement over EU stories set in the future because, honestly, those books have stakes that a book like Razor's Edge just can't. Characters occasionally die in the future of the EU, even important characters, and in a story set between ANH and ESB, those stakes just aren't there, no matter how hard the author tries. And Wells does try; this is a story where the stakes constantly ratchet higher, with the heroes finding no relief til the end... but again, nothing of consequence could happen. And for me personally, it really doesn't help that this was Leia-centric, because I hate her. SO yes, I didn't enjoy this book, but I'm giving it two stars because I realize my disdain for the circumstances of it might have colored my opinion of the author's story, which was decently crafted and featured an interesting emotional story. But the action scenes were far too quick and simple and, honestly, if you're going to have a mystery about a traitor, don't have one character be hated by everybody else from the very start of the book. It telegraphs it just a touch...

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