Goodreads Book Review - Small Favor

Small Favor (The Dresden Files, #10)Small Favor by Jim Butcher

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I've thoroughly enjoyed every installment I've read in this series so far, but this tenth book is the first time I've given one five stars and put it on my "favorites" shelf. As all the disparate plot lines throughout the series start to converge or get wrapped up entirely, the stories, which were always good, have kicked up a notch in the last few books, and this one is a masterpiece. The plot is layered and intense. The confrontations are meaningful, between both enemies and friends. And the character relationships take huge steps that break the status quo completely, and not just for the sake of doing so but in ways that happen naturally, and almost unavoidably. I dread catching up with this series completely because I'll hate waiting so long for the new installments once I get there...

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