Big Pimpin'

So, I've noticed lately that a lot of my friends have blogs/websites/projects/causes/whatever that they're trying to spread the word about. I thought to myself, why not gather a bunch of these links together in a blog post and help get some stuff out there for some of my favorite people? So here I am, pimping other peoples' stuff out because, well, they're all awesome people who deserve success.

And before I get into everyone else, let me just remind you, faithful readers, that I'm around for writing jobs as well as the various ministerial duties I can perform, like weddings, naming ceremonies, vow renewals, and pretty much anything you can think of except for circumcisions and exorcisms (and since I neither want to cut babies nor tangle with demons, I'm fine with those exceptions!) so if you have need, hit me up!

I'll start off with one that I would get my ass kicked for forgetting: my best friend is a wonderfully talented bellydancer who is available for shows and parties and whatnot, you can find out more at her website, as well as see some past performances and stuff:

Next up is a guy I've known for the better part of my thirty-one years of life, who has his own advertising agency, which can be found here:

I'm going to pimp a fellow blogger next, the gentleman who gave me my first Liebster Award earlier this week: Master Gio. His blog specializes in horror, metal, and sexy women, so if you have a need for gore, guitars, or gorgeous woman, he's got you covered at

Now, if you know me, you know I'm not all that fashion-oriented. I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy, or at most, when necessary, a jeans and button-down or polo shirt guy. So if you want some fashion in your life, leave me immediately and head on over to

Next, I'm going to pimp the photography of a good friend and talented New York photographer, whose work you can find samples of at

I'm going to double-dip into the photography well here and direct your attention to a beautiful and talented photographer, also working in NY, whose photos you can see at

I'm going to close by mentioning a cause that one of my good friends is involved in. She's participating in the Brooklyn Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk, and if you're interested, any donation of any size you could make would be appreciated. You can find out more information about the walk and how to donate at the Facebook page for her team,


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