2015 Oscars, Part 3: The Scorecard

So the party last night is over, we've all recovered from the incredibly long, filler-filled nonsense, and it's time to see how we did on our predictions. And by we, I mean me on my predictions from yesterday's post. But first, let's just deal with the elephant in the room.

Best part of that hilarious skit was Miles Teller reprising his Whiplash gig on drums. Boy can bang. Moving on.

Last year I was a respectable .500 on my predictions, getting twelve out of twenty-four right. This year I didn't do as well but I came close, grabbing ten out of twenty-four for a .417 average. If this was baseball, I'd still be an all-star.

Leaving the overall total behind, how'd I do on the ten categories I really care about, the ones I posted? Right down the middle, five right and five wrong. I nailed Best Picture, Best Original Song, Best Supporting Actor, and the actresses in both of the ladies' categories. I was wrong about Best Animated Feature, having picked How to Train Your Dragon 2... but as Big Hero Six was my "want to win" pick, I'm not at all upset about it. Likewise, while I had Linklater picked as winner for Director, I wanted Inarritu to get it. I underestimated Grand Budapest Hotel when it came to Original Score and Original Screenplay. And I really thought it would be Keaton's year for Best Actor, and was kind of surprised to see Redmayne get it. Although in hindsight I shouldn't have been; before I had seen all the movies he was my early pick just because his role was everything the Academy loves.

As for the show itself, it was as usual a lot of unneccesary fluff shoved between some performances, some moving speeches, and some comedy. NPH was one of the better hosts of the last few years, and his opening was fantastic. I'm not going to touch the discrepancy he pointed out, whether it was his goal or not, between the movies that get nominated and the movies people actually see, because there's no point, we all know about it. But with all of that behind us, it just means there's another year of movies to dive into. Time to start looking for some early picks for next year...