2013 Summer Shows

We all know May means all the shows that started in the Fall as well as the replacements that started in Winter or early Spring are coming to an end. It used to be that that meant nothing but repeats on television all summer long. Or baseball games, if baseball floats or your boat. Or not, if baseball floats your boat but your a Mets fan and you're sick of them by July... but I digress. Now, however, thanks to various pay and free cable networks in the original content game not just producing quality shows but shows of higher quality than a lot of the regular networks do, instead of reruns Summer means more new shows; ones that air back-to-back without repeats.

And more importantly, ones that really don't suck. There are a few that I'm excited about, and since I haven't posted anything that wasn't a book review in weeks, I thought I'd give y'all a list of them.

Of the seven I'm looking forward to,two of them are brand new, so we'll have to see if they make the cut.

It's a miniseries based on a Steven King novel. Need I say more? Because if I do... The Stand. 'Nuff said.

The second new show, Ray Donovan, is from Showtime and stars Liev Schrieber as a fixer for the mob who is married and his father-in-law is the kingpin or something. I'll be honest, I haven't looked into the plot too much because I'm not too sure about this one; between the Liev factor and how similar it seems to The Sopranos I might not be too interested. Then again, Jon Voight plays the father-in-law...

Showtime is also giving us the final season of Dexter. I can't lie, I have no idea how this shit will end, but I'm sure it'll be a fun ride all the way to the finale. You can expect a featured blog post to follow once the finale airs for sure.

And speaking of final seasons...

Though not coming back til late in the Summer in August, AMC is giving us the final season of Breaking Bad, one of the best shows on television and another show that I have absolutely know idea how it will end.
Also another one you can probably expect a dedicated blog post for once the final curtain closes.

Franklin & Bash is back on TNT for a third season, something I'm sure no one expected. Which is a shame, because this legal dramedy is absolutely hysterical. Gosselaar and Meyer have ridiculous chemistry together, Malcolm McDowell is as great as you'd expect, and now they have Heather Locklear? Good show.

And that brings us to HBO, folks...

The very definition of uneven over the years, True Blood finished season five very strong and has me looking forward to season six in a way I haven't looked forward to this show since season three started. And if they actually kill off Bill, I'd throw a party.

Lastly, the show I'm most looking forward to:

Aaron Sorkin is my second favorite television writer behind Joss Whedon, and this show was just brilliant last season. His writing performed by as talented a cast as this show has is a treat to watch. If that quality continues (and if Sam Waterston keeps stealing scenes like a one-man crime spree) this will easily be my show of the Summer. Again.

What about you fine people out there reading this? What are you looking forward to watching this season? Hit up the comments, let's talk about it!