Entertainment Weekly's Best Show on Television Tournament

A few days ago, I came across this page on EW.com, where Entertainment Weekly talked about how, on their Sirius radio station, they'll be running a tournament to find out the best show on television, and they had a picture with the opening round brackets of sixty-four different shows.

So me being me, I decided to download that picture and fill it out the way I see it. Because all that matters is how I see it, right?

Click to enlarge!

A few notes. I haven't seen all the shows, so in a case like that, for example, Scandal and The Amazing Race, I usually gave the more critically acclaimed show the nod. Also, reality shows lost automatically as a rule because I consider them a blight on the television landscape. The exception to that rule was Face/Off beating Girls, because I just hate that show and all its characters so goddamn much.

I don't think the way it all shook out will surprise anyone who really knows me. The match-up that gave me the most trouble was Breaking Bad and Doctor Who; picking a winner between the two of them was not at all easy, but in the end, the Doctor won because of all the feels.

But feels or not, not even the Doctor could defeat Game of Thrones. Blame it on the Tyrion factor.

I know, I know... this should be a picture of Tyrion, but I just had to...

Now, I'd absolutely loved it if this led to a conversation about what all you people out there think about the brackets and who should win and what's the best show on TV and etc., etc., and so forth, so hit up the comments!