Goodreads Book Review - Orcs: Inferno

Orcs: InfernoOrcs: Inferno by Stan Nicholls

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This is the sixth and... I hope... final installment in Nicholls' Orcs series. I say I hope it's the last installment because the books weren't that good to begin with and they've gotten progressively worse with each installment. The characters are for the most part all weak and one-note but at least in the previous books you could respect the orcs for their sense of honor. Even that is blown away in this one when they reprehensibly burn down a forest and kill all the creatures within it just so they can get through. Most of the plot doesn't make a lot of sense, and what does make sense only does so because it is repeated over and over and over again. In the previous books there was always at least a strong action presence but even that disappoints here as most of the action scenes are repetitive and fleeting, especially the climactic confrontation and it's results, which are glossed over so completely it's insulting to the reader. The only reason I gave it two stars instead of one is that it just isn't as bad as the books I've given only a single star to.

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