Goodreads Book Review - 20th Century Ghosts

20th Century Ghosts20th Century Ghosts by Joe Hill

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It's always difficult to rate or review a short story anthology because there are always quality discrepancies with the stories. There are invariably some you love, like "Best New Fiction," "Pop Art," and "You Will Hear the Locusts Sing," and some you like remarkably less, like "Last Breath" and "Better Than Home." It makes it hard to pick an amount of stars to give the book as a whole. In most anthology cases too, there will be stories that you think downright suck. In this case, though, there weren't any, which made a four-star rating a no-brainer. Even the stories that appealed to me less personally than some of the others were easily recognizable as well-written and thoughtful. To me this book was a lot like The Twilight Zone: not every story was scary as the title might imply; some were just strange, or a little wild, but each and every one makes you think about something, some little aspect of life you might take for granted. And isn't that the mark of great writing?

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