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The Adversary (The Sundering, #3)The Adversary by Erin M. Evans

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

While this is the third book in The Sundering series, it's also the continuation of the series of stories Erin M. Evans told with these characters before. As such, it's entirely possible there are plenty of other readers like me who had never read any of her other stories and are only reading this one because they started the series with the first entry by R. A. Salvatore. Unfortunately, it seems no one told Evans that, as the first third or so of this book is a jumbled mess of poorly-explained exposition that is only effective at telling the audience absolutely nothing about these characters and their relationships other than that they know each other. It picks up a bit after that once the book's story picks up and becomes more important than the back story; there's decent action and a fun, twisting plot, and the characters are enjoyable. It's a little over-long and drags in places, but the end picks up. Overall I felt like this book was effective as part of The Sundering, but it didn't do anything at all in terms of making me want to read any of this author's other stories with these characters.

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