Panel of the Week: 3/11/15

I've decided to try out a new type of post here, one related to comic books, which is probably my area of interest that I blog the least about. The theme of this one is simple: Panel of the Week. Comics come out every Wednesday, and for each week I'll be highlighting the single comic book panel I think is the best of the week from all the books I read that week. Sometimes the one I pick will be chosen because it made me laugh. Other times because it's a gorgeous piece of art. Other times, it'll be because it's a momentous moment. You get the picture. Each week it'll be whichever panel I think is the best for that week. And this is also a good quick, easy way to keep me blogging a little while I start a new full-time, possibly permanent job tomorrow. More on that to come eventually.

Anyway, this week's Panel of the Week is from Fantastic Four #644, written by James Robinson, pencilled by Leonard Kirk. The set-up is simple: Earth is being invaded by monsters from the Earth Franklin Richards created during Heroes Reborn, and the Avengers of that reality are on the side of the monsters. Which is how we get a shot of what happens when the Thor from that world goes after the ever-lovin' blue-eyed Thing:

It's not necessarily the most auspicious start, I know, but it made me laugh out loud. War-mongering god of thunder, Thor, a hippy, dismissed by the Thing like he's just another bum from Yancy Street. Pretty great. We'll see what next week brings!


  1. That is a great panel! Though, I am a life long FF fan, I ain't read the title in God knows how many years. Not the title will be around much longer, but you know what I mean. LOL

    1. I've never really been a big FF fan, I usually only read them depending on who's writing or what story they're involved in, but this run has been pretty good. I've heard rumors though that they might not be cancelling the book; instead, when this whole Battleworld thing coming up is over and the MU is a little different, the FF (and possibly the X-Men too) might end up as an alternate reality story so they don't tie into the characters Marvel can use in movies. Who knows though lol


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