Panel of the Week: 3/18/15

This week's Panel of the Week comes from Magneto #16 from Marvel Comics, written by Cullen Bunn with art by Gabriel Hernandez Walta. It's a bit of a controversial choice for our second week here, but first, some set-up. In the X-Men side of the Marvel Universe, Magneto has once again set up shop on the island of Genosha, turning it into a sanctuary for mutants. Yes, it's the third time he's done this, and he really should know better by now because it never ends well. This time, there's someone on the island slaughtering mutants, which would be bad enough, but he left a little message for Magneto at the scene of the crime. But first, a little something to keep the suspense going for our friends on Facebook. And to avoid having what you're about to see popping up on people's timelines. So...

And now, the killer's message:

I picked this panel this week firstly for the ballsiness of Marvel to run with it, and also for the promise of what will inevitably follow. Killing mutants he's promised to protect is one thing, but throwing that symbol in Magneto's face... well, we can all be pretty sure it won't end well for the murderer. I can almost guarantee Magneto's revenge might end up as another entry here in a few week's time.


  1. Being that he "killed" the Red Skull last yr in Axis this has to be connected, somehow.

    1. That's not a bad theory at all. Plus, later in the comic there's a scene where the killer has also written a message on the mirror in Magneto's bedroom that reads something like, "Keep the furnace burning, Erik," which is definitely something the Skull would say...


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