Mets Monday - Opening Day 2015

I'm not going to be one of those Mets fans that gets too excited about the season before it begins and then inevitably ends up with a broken heart by the time summer hits. I will, however, admit to being cautiously excited this time around. The fact that one game into the season we already have half as many wins against the Nationals as we had all last season combined helps a bit. And so does having Matt Harvey back in the rotation.


Yes, it sucks that Wheeler is down for the season, but having Harvey back makes up for it and then some. Plus, a rotation of Harvey, DeGrom, Niese, Gee, and Colon is pretty damn good... and the pitching bench is deep. So yeah, I'm excited. But I'll temper that excitement with a healthy dose of Mets fan pessimism until I see if we're still in contention at the All-Star Game.

After all, there are still a lot of question marks. Will someone step up and be a solid lead-off hitter? Is Captain Wright going to get right this season? What about shortstop? And will Granderson pay off now that he's had a full season to adjust to being an NL guy?

For a long time, we were told 2014 was going to be our year, the year to wait for. Then Harvey went down, and it wasn't. And even though it wasn't that bad a year, considering we were an over .500 team if you removed our 2-16 record against the Nationals, it was still another losing year. This year, they promise, will be the year. Like I said earlier, we're already halfway to better against the Nationals, but do I think this is the year we go all the way? I know you gotta believe, but I'm not there yet.

Ask, instead, do I think this is the year we take some steps? The year we finish over .500? The year we make the playoffs? Maybe I do. And sweet merciful Christ, I hope so. It's a beautiful game, and it could be a beautiful season.

But it's also a long season. So we'll wait and see.

Who knows. Maybe it'll be... amazin'.