Goodreads Book Review - The Darkling Child

The Darkling Child (The Defenders of Shannara #2)The Darkling Child by Terry Brooks
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My biggest gripe with this book is the same I've had with the last few book Terry Brooks has written: they feel too light. Not necessarily the page count, but the content; it felt like the story flew through without a lot of events happening. Older installments of the series felt denser, like they were more packed with action and story beats than this one. Perhaps it could be described as pacing issues, I don't know, as the passage of time between chapters is at times unclear. That gripe aside, I loved everything else. I love the world of Shanarra as much as ever, and all the myth and lore that goes with it. I enjoyed the characters, they felt fleshed out and real, with the possible exception of Reyn, who, up until the end felt kind of one-note. Paxon and Arcannen are great characters, and the way their stories are orbiting this trilogy-that-isn't is fantastic. As always, this Shanarra story left me hungry for the next one.

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