Panel of the Week: 6/10/15

Slim pickings this week, folks. Between Superman being out of costume and Batman looking like a giant robot bunny now, DC had nothing good to offer (not that DC ever really has anything good to offer in general though); the indies I read this week were unimpressive from an art standpoint (except Saga, which always has beautiful art but nothing memorable this week); and things at Marvel are all about Secret Wars, an event a lot of the top tier artists seem to be sitting out. Still, there has to be a winner and it comes from Marvel, not so much because it's a great artistic piece but I love the visual and the idea of it:

Dessicated Hungry Zombie Juggernaut!

This idea and image from Secret Wars: Marvel Zombies #1, written by Simon Spurrier, art by Kev Walker, is just begging to be made into a very detailed, very twisted statue. I'd buy it!