Panel of the Week: 6-17-15

Another week of slim pickings. I actually had three potential choices this week but they were all of the "best of a bad situation variety." So the winner this week, beating out an Optimus Prime ass-kicking and the death of Beta Ray Bill is... Apocalypse.

This full-page spread is the last-page cliffhanger from this week's Old Man Logan #2, written by Brian Michael Bendis, drawn by Andrea Sorrentino. I love everything about this panel. Sorrentino's art throughout the issue is gorgeous, but it really captures the menace and grandeur of Apocalypse. And the fact that an old, naked Logan, having been but through a hell of a wringer already, would find himself at the feet of the first mutant in his own Age of Apocalypse world is just great.

But as great as it is, I'm definitely hoping for better choices in upcoming weeks...