Goodreads Book Review - Spellstorm

SpellstormSpellstorm by Ed Greenwood

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

You know what people want when they pick up a Forgotten Realms novel starring Elminster, the greatest wizard of that world? A book full of magic, of spell battles, and of magical creatures. What they probably don't want is a murder mystery where magic is rendered useless and the main characters spend most of their time running back and forth through a giant house talking about food, cooking, and washing dishes. Honestly, this is probably the most repetitive book I've ever read (even more so than the last few Terry Goodkind novels, and that's saying something). Everything from scenes to jokes to action beats is repeated time and again, all while the characters act out the simplest murder mystery I've ever read; seriously, the reveal at the end was no surprise at all. I know, I shouldn't be judging the book on what I wanted it to be but on what it is... unfortunately, what it is just isn't that good.

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