Panel of the Week: 5/27/15

And here we go, finally caught up to date on this column, managing to get the previous week's one up a whole two days before the next batch of comics comes out. I enjoy doing this despite the lack of real interest or interaction (much like the rest of my blog as a whole), but it ain't easy on the full schedule I have. Anyway, enough of my whining. This week's winner comes from Sandman: Overture #5, written by the incomparable Neil Gaiman, with art by J.H. Williams III. This book, the first time Gaiman's returned to one of the characters that made him famous in years, only comes out once every few months. Which is maddening but completely worth it when the results manage to look like this:

Aside from how breathtakingly beautiful the art itself is, and aside from the scale that beauty exists on... that isn't just a panel, people, it's a full two-page spread, and it ain't alone in the issue... take a moment to think about what's being done here on a story-telling level. The story of the comic is taking place here inside a book that exists inside the comic that it's taking place in. Yeah. The ability to do something like that is a prime example of the beauty of the kind of sequential story-telling comics allows is a perfect example of why comic books are an art form, and is why this panel wins this week.